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Have you ever noticed how undemocratic US businesses are run? Most are ruled by some arrogant, condescending, Machiavelian control freak. I guess someone forgot to tell them that business leadership shouldn't be totally contrary to our Constitutional tenets. There are a few companies out there that are not afflicted with this Wizard of Oz management style. Cisco is one of them. They are progressive, modern and egalitarian. Another related problem with US business is in the area of hiring. It seems that talent is hardly a consideration while shmoozing, sucking up, gladhanding, politicing and knowing the right people are the prerequisites. What a sad country this has become. SR

-- Steve Rasmussen (, September 20, 1998


Do you think that's much different in Germany? And don't even ask me about Japan (where I'm living right now) it's far worse

-- Hmmmm.... (hmm@hmmm.hmmm), March 03, 1999.

I hope you're not suggesting that because other countries behave this way, that it's not all that bad.

-- Steve Rasmussen (, April 27, 1999.

Well, I have noticed that in American companies. As foreign businesses have been moving in here in Latvia over last ten years, it has been unique opportunity to watch and compare them. American run companies tend to treat people like machine parts i.e. applying strict (sometimes ridicular) rules, continuously ignoring one's point of view, squeezing out maximum of them and then just discarding them. I think that comes from American warship for Big Bucks, seems it's only thing what really metters. French and Russian companies show similar behavior, but their reason is being cultures of oligarhic rule. Most human are Scandinavian companies, normally they maintain very friendly and democratic atmosphere and it really makes you enjoy coming to work.

-- Critter (, July 12, 1999.

It seems that the US has not really evolved much from its roots in monarchy in England. We are still obsessed with VIP worship; at least that is what our leaders have taught us since youth. Our currency is loaded with VIPs. Many nations don't do this for good reason. Our Mt. Rushmore is the the epitome of VIP worship and sends a message to the people that only the politicians are important. Hopefully the Human race will evolve past this ruler-peasant relationship and start the beginning of the free.

-- Steve Rasmussen (, September 01, 1999.

Im new here, and I'm really glad I found a place to vent my disgust concerning corporations.

Steve I agree with everything you say. It is the almighty dollar that gets the hero worship. I'm not making light of having money; it is a very necessary evil, but you needn't use it to build a fiefdom of serfs, which is what most American corporations do. They're also polluting the enviornment with impunity and are seldom held responsible for the degradation of the planet.

You're right. It has become a very sad country. Has any of you read, "When Corporations Rule the World" by David Korten. It's a very scary book and well documented. Corporations are not our friends.

-- Jean Scott (, February 05, 2000.

I don't want to be a person that only identifies problems but does not have solutions. So, I think one way to solve our corporate dilemma is to have the electorate (through referendum)vote on laws that would limit corporate power. If the people deem it, then it should be so. We have plenty of laws for individuals but few for business.

-- Steve Rasmussen (, May 10, 2000.

The power of corporate influence is largely composed of thier media strength. After all many people belive what they are told on television or the internet or a book. I keep hearing the term media monopoly and it seems frighteningly close to that. Disney-Time-Warner Viacom so on and so on, all owning each other and exerting influence on what we see and hear. Im sorry but if micky mouse is the one telling me about a war in Afganistan I will question all the information given. And has anyone else noticed that within the past 4 to 5 years all music concerning political statement truely worth mentioning had virtually disabritneyspeared out of the media. Dumbed down to the level of Jerry Springer depravity. So called reality shows telling people "look this is what you should feel", "look I drink pepsi","there your life is now complete because you have the new tommy hilfiger designer sport utillity vehicle", and " you too can be a army of one ". (fuzzy film drama of the hero with his oversized rambo gun)

-- ryan capistrant (, February 18, 2002.

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you must not understand the foundation of capatilism or how the american government runs right now - also note that large and well organized structures are the best way to accomplish something, if we just had millions of small bussiness progress would be next to impossible - or maybe your just promoting comunism.....

-- John (, February 21, 2003.

You obviously don't understand what is the supposed "basis" of America. It promotes "social mobility" and that anyone can make it in America! That is far from the truth. You have to already be up in the ladder to succeed in most situations. The poor are kept to be poor because they are needed by the rich. The poor work for the rich and make them richer. A lot of poor and middle class families can't afford an education to get out of their economic stature unless they work 100 times harder than the people who are already rich, when most rich people claim that they got where they are on their own (some have, most haven't). So the poor are labeled "lazy". So a lot of people are poor because they make bad decisions, but what about the people who are trying really really really hard to get up there? First off, if you're poor to begin with, it's hard on a child. then if that child wants a college education, it's even harder. The government favors the rich and corporate america. there's tons of legislation examples to support that.

-- Alyssa Davis (, April 10, 2003.

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