SQl Server Daily Mainenance Error

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We created daily maintenance on our server via the wizard. Suddenly, we get an error each night that says, "Process Exit Code 1. ...170:[SQL Server]:Line 1: Incorrect syntax near 'C:'.** Any ideas what might have caused this to start happening? I have deleted and recreated the task, but still come up with the same error.

-- Anonymous, September 18, 1998


Re: SQL Server Daily Maintenance Error


From the error message, I would suspect that something has gone wrong with the files that the database maintenance wizard is trying to read or write. It writes the database backup files and the maintenance report. It reads the backup files (to purge those older than a specified age). I would go through the wizard to see that those directories and files are specified correctly, that any drive mappings involved are still correct and that backup files have not been renamed. (I would think that renamed backup files would confuse the process that purges the old backup files.)

Good luck,


-- Anonymous, September 21, 1998

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