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need info on printing on ceramic tiles , have possible art project [dont we all...] need to put some computer based graffix onto glazed ceramic tiles any ideas has to be fast cheap and effective lasertran? any ideas experiances greatly appreciated paulie thanx later...

-- psh (, September 18, 1998


You should look at our web site. Oh yes, you spell the product with a (Z) Lazertran. The web site is or ring us for advice on 01545 571 149 Mick

-- Mick Kelly (, November 08, 2000.

hey, i hope that someone is good enough to answer your question... because i am trying to get the same info myself and maybe u would be kind enouugh to share what u learn with me?? lol i am not having much luck getting the info by random searching. u can write me at the email address i would love to hear what u have learned. thanks wilma

-- wilma (, September 04, 2003.

Hello. I may have the solution you have been looking for. My company specializes in printing on tile with a very high quality photo/image definition.We use the latest technology (not the subliminal dye process) to put whatever photo,image,computer graffic,etc on ceramic tiles,glass,porcelin tiles, mugs, plates, coasters,and glass.

We have done many projects big and small. Our recent projects include a Disney Cruise line mural of Walt Disney sitting at a piano (interior).This mural was placed at the end of a corridor on the cruiseship. We have also done work with Euro Disney. This project was very big and included images of planets, sattelites, and other space images (exterior).We just finished an upscale movie theater in Ecuador featuring several walls with mosaics in black and white of famous performers. We also made a beautiful mural for a shopping mall in Ecuador. The list goes on.

We are currently working for a project for the International Airport Terminal in Detroit, MI. This project includes a mural with a logo for a new restaurant franchise and and artwork mural.If you or anyone else may be interested, please feel free to email me stating what it is that you would like to do while including mural sizes, tile size, and any other info that may be helpful. Our website is in development but will be ready soon.There you will be able to see our finished projects for yourself.

I will reply promptly to your requests and look forward to answering any questions.I guarantee that you will be impressed with the image quality.

Sinceraly, Dean Rovinelli President D&MIMPORTS

-- Dean Rovinelli (, December 05, 2003.

I have a process where I sublimate photos on to ceramic tiles,4",6",8",6"x8",8"x10" I use ArTainium UV+ inks which utilize a proprietary method of dye particle encapsulation. This procedure makes them the most UV resistant sublimation inks available on the market. Stringent manufacturing and quality control procedures ensure stability and consistency. In addition, our professionally created ICC color management profiles provide stunningly accurate and consistent color control management. I use Armour coated tiles the best in the industry. Each 4" tile costs $15 ea, 6" tile $20, 8" tile $25 If you find it cheaper be carful people using inferior inks and tiles. I know there are people on the web charging as little as $9 a tile.but I have purchased thses tiles and they are thinner and crack,and the inks fade.

You can contact me through my web site

-- Joel Kaye (, September 28, 2004.

Ok I may not be the brightest but ummm $15 bucks for a 4" tile? Listen go to you can make your own products and order at reduced prices. I think another is not sure but they're out there... check around I think you can do way better for your money!

-- Rain (, March 05, 2005.

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