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I'm also trying to find some information on the painter, Pascal Cucaro. Any information you could give me (or suggestions for additional places to search) would be helpful and greatly appreciated. Thanks.

-- Carole Hammer (, September 18, 1998


tri this web site ""and e-mail me back what u have found!!!!!!!


-- susan uhrich (, June 22, 1999.

i will appreciate if someone could provide me with info relative to this artist , i inherited two paintings from late sixtees and need info on artist and art dealers who may be familiar . thanks for help .alberto .

-- alberto jimenez collie (, November 20, 2000.

FYI, I've started a website about Pascal Cucaro. There's a biography, exhibition, and a few paintings for sale:

-- (, February 24, 2001.

I have a Sausalito painting from Pat -

-- Marco Ziegler (, June 18, 2001.

I purchased four Cucaro's back in 1976 whilst on a holiday in the USA. I just thought his work was so refreshing.

One is called The Clown and another is Bazaar which has a line of people waiting to go to the circus.

The other two are self portraits in carved frames.

There value today is not known, but the sentimental value is worth a fortune.

-- Bob Reed (, June 16, 2003.

Between 1969-1971 while I was staying with my brother in San Francisco,my brother was invited to a art show. The artist it turned out was P.Cucaro.My brother purchased one of the pictures at the art show for $150.00 dollars at the time. The picture was that of people in costumes at a Bazaar.I don't know the value of it today but a booklet about Cucaro came with the picture.The booklet showed Cucaro has his art exhibited in art museums around the country including the National Gallery of Art in Washington D.C..I have possesion of my brothers picture today,I tried to find it's value and was told by a museum employee that value depends on the publics interest of the artist.But if any body has any more info it would be appreciated. If you E-mail me please make the E-mail subject line the name of the artist "Cucaro".In the mean time I'am going to try and find the booklet on Cucaro that came with the picture when it was bought,but I have not seen the book it quite a while.H.Codd

-- Howard Codd (, July 23, 2003.

I have a charcoal drawing of a picture of a girl with a wand. It is 117 of 200 signed Cucaro prints. Does anyone know how I can find out what the value might be and how I can sell it?


-- Julia Hassler (, May 26, 2004.

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