Why do I miss George?

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I miss George. And I'm not sure why. He was racist and sexist, and, more on the P.A.T.H. board than here, directly insulting to me. And yet I still miss him. Can anyone tell me why? Maybe it's because I get the pleasant taste of tea and crumpets in my mouth whenever I read his writing. . . Or maybe it's cause I liked having someone to debate with. Even if it was like talking to a wall, good-mannered wall though it may be.

-- Kat (jumpingjellyfish@hotmail.com), September 18, 1998


Kat...it's like an abused child who still runs to its parent. Seek help, hon! Hahahaha...kidding! :)

-- Gilded (GildedAgeJunkie@yahoo.com), September 18, 1998.

Women love people like George. Women love Bill Clinton. They love the independent man and wonder why he doesn't call. They love the scoundrel and wonder why he lies to them. They love the adventurous man and wonder why he strays. They love the dangerous man and wonder why he batters. They love the "strong silent type" and wonder why he won't talk. They love romantic courtship and wonder why the spark dies after the marriage. But they always find Mr. Right eventually. Then they try to set him up with their best friend - they would never want someone so boring themselves. Forget Lorena Bobbit. The ultimate way for a woman to emascate a man is to call him a "nice guy".

Happy to clear that up for you, Kat.

-- nIceman (foo@bar.com), September 18, 1998.

That, of course, should be "emasculate" above ^. Sorry to have cut it short. haha

-- nIceman (Foo@bar.com), September 18, 1998.

As well as the ultimate way to crush a woman is by saying "she has a great personality." Hahaha...

-- Gilded Age Junkie (GildedAgeJunkie@yahoo.com), September 18, 1998.

Um. . . who said I loved anybody???

-- Kat (jumpingjellyfish@hotmail.com), September 18, 1998.

You get the picture, Gilded. I won't even go into the incredibly stupid blindspots men have for women....

-- nIceman (foo@bar.com), September 18, 1998.

Nor will I regarding the blind spots we women have for you! :)

-- Gilded (GildedAgeJunkie@yahoo.com), September 19, 1998.

Fortunately your eyesight is 20/20, Gilded. It must be those Rose-colored glasses.

-- nIceman (foo@bar.com), September 19, 1998.

Must be, Dan. No arguments here...:)

-- Gilded (GildedAgeJunkie@yahoo.com), September 19, 1998.

Dalton and Gilded, I wish you two could catch up at the chat room, I'm sure that'd be one fantastic conversation :-)

-- Emma (dilemma76@hotmail.com), September 20, 1998.

Ran into him there once and he left. And I think he looks to make sure I'm not there before he stays! :) Oh well...

-- Gilded (GildedAgeJunkie@yahoo.com), September 20, 1998.

Oh I don't know Gilded, I think there's some chemistry between the two of you ;-)

-- Emma (dilemma76@hotmail.com), September 20, 1998.

Ems...did you HAVE to go and say that???? Dalton's gonna burst a blood vessel, for pete's sake! Besides, I have the same "problem" as Kate, and we all know how he feels about that! hehehehe...

-- Gilded (GildedAgeJunkie@yahoo.com), September 20, 1998.

Ha ha ha Gilded. You can always make me laugh. And Kate doesn't have a "problem", therefore, neither do you :-)

-- Emma (dilemma76@hotmail.com), September 21, 1998.

My sentiments exactly, Ems. :)

-- Gilded (GildedAgeJunkie@yahoo.com), September 22, 1998.

Now you've got me wondering what that problem might be. I don't read the tabloids. Please fill me in.....

-- Dalton (foo@bar.com), September 22, 1998.


I think Gilded was referring to Kate's apparent weight "problem" which I don't believe she has.

-- Emma (dilemma76@hotmail.com), September 22, 1998.

Well, she has the same "weight problem" I have. Can't seem to work up the willpower to lose that last excess 10 to 15 pounds. Would we both look and feel better if we did? Yes! But she's apparently come to the same conclusion I have.... Who cares?

-- Dalton (foo@bar.com), September 23, 1998.

Sorry to keep flogging this dead horse, but I still don't see how anyone can call Kate Winslet chubby. She looked in perfect proportion to me and I couldn't see any excess flab anywhere during the portrait scene. If she lost 10-15lbs (about 4.5-6kgs) she'd be TOO skinny, not a good role model at all. I'd love to have all Kate's womanly curves.

-- Emma (dilemma76@hotmail.com), September 23, 1998.

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