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Hey gang, Just heard The Hollywood Reporter on the radio say there is a movie comming out on video (I believe. It's hard to hear the radio,talk on the cell phone,and drive at the same time) but anyway, The title is chamber maide on the TITANIC.The guy raved about it being the best foreign film of the year. Anyone ever hear of this movie?


-- jester (, September 16, 1998


The film has come and gone from NYC and is curently making the rounds at a few art houses in several cities. It has gotten mostly good reviews but people are responding most think it is a rip off of The Big FILM! In fact they took off the Titanic part of the tital its now called just The Chambermaid. Its a shame the film is doing better,but thats show biz.

-- michael pitt (, September 16, 1998.

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