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My favorite holiday is coming up!!!

I saw that post about rose's hair and wondered "how many people here are going to be a character from Titanic for halloween?". So I asked.

Also, for those of you not planning to be a Titanic character (like me), what are you going to be??

And for those of you party poopers who aren't going to do anything for halloween, or those of you who plan to celebrate All Hallows Eve by hiding in the bushes with a hose and soaking potiential TP-ers: WHAT'S YOUR PROBLEM?? Just kidding. But everyone should do something for Halloween (that does not include getting me wet).


-- Kat (jumpingjellyfish@hotmail.com), September 16, 1998


Hi Kat,

We Aussies don't celebrate Halloween at all so I won't be doing anything for the holiday. Sorry. But soaking potential trick-or-treaters does sound like good fun ;-)

-- Emma (dilemma76@hotmail.com), September 16, 1998.

I will be passing out candy like I have for the past 3 years. My husband said he would dress up like Jack, but only if he could dress up like the frozen Jack. I told him never mind.

-- Misty Chacon (HiRver@concentric.net), September 16, 1998.

The frozen Jack! That would be cool!

-- Kat (jumpingjellyfish@hotmail.com), September 16, 1998.

Don't forget the old handcuffs!

-- Dan Draghici (ddraghic@sprint.ca), September 16, 1998.

Here's a thought:

-- Rose (rose347@juno.com), September 18, 1998.

(opps, sorry bout that. Press the wrong button)

What I gonna say was...

Have your friends participate in this dress up Titanic thing. Someone could be Rose, Jack, Molly, Ruth, Cal, JJ, Murdoch, Cap. Smith, Ismay, etc..... and go T o T'ing together. You'll get a lot of candy.

-- Rose (rose347@juno.com), September 18, 1998.

I saw a magazine that had a titanic costume. A crew hat with Titanic on it and a large life ring with SS Titanic!

If I had the time, I would want to go as a frozen passenger too! I read somewhere they used paraffin in the hair to look like frost. I could do that....

-- crystal smithwick (csmithwick@hst.com), September 21, 1998.

Hello Folks:

Well, I don't want to be a party pooper but "frozen passengers"? Come on, that's a bit much IMHO. These were real people (no, not the movie characters) and deserve more respect than being cast as the equivalent to Mrs. Pauls Frozen Fish Sticks! Please don't do that. Just my opinion, but then again, I haven't been a halloween fan for quite some time now.

Regards, Peter

-- Peter Nivling (pcnivling@capecod.net), September 22, 1998.

I have to agree with Peter - this is to say the least tasteless and disrespectful. Dress as a specific fictional character from the movie (Rose, Jack, Cal, Ruth) or show respect for an actual passenger by portraying her or him pre-sinking.

For those of you who believe "time heals all wounds", why not go as John F. Kennedy, post-assasination?

Now do you get the picture?

-- Dalton (foo@bar.com), September 22, 1998.

Being the ignorant Aussie that I am, I always thought you were supposed to dress up as something scary, like Dracula or a werewolf on Halloween. Is this not so? Otherwise it's just like a fancy dress party, not the scariest holiday of the year.

-- Emma (dilemma76@hotmail.com), September 22, 1998.

Emma: Dracula, Frankenstein, et al are fictional characters (obviously). I drew a distinction above between portraying fictional characters vs. real people. Not that I'm against portraying real people in a grotesque or unflattering light per se. I expect to see many hilarious Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinski portrayals - totally acceptable to all but the most partisan Democrat. Only if they deserve it though. For example, portraying Christopher Reeve by dressing in a superman suit and riding in a motorized wheeelchair would be a tasteless comment on a tragedy. I believe portraying frozen Titanic victims similarly needlessly crosses the line of good taste. That being said, since Halloween does provide an excuse to be somewhat tasteless, I'm sure I will see a lot of "Titanic victims". That is, if I don't hide in the back room with the lights off.....

-- Dalton (foo@bar.com), September 22, 1998.

Emma: First of all, you are not ignorant and I don't believe anyone in your beautiful country is. Hell, we don't know your customs at all! Second, yes that's what halloween is about but it is really meant for little kids, and not TOO scary for them. I do like the "early crowd" that comes to the door and they are cute but the older crowd tends to get a little out of hand sometimes (not all the time, and many parents come with the little ones and they are dressed up too.). I just don't think portraying victims of a tragedy is the right way to observe this or any holiday. Maybe I'm being a bit picky, but I can just imagine a great grandson or daughter opening the door and seeing that depiction and really being hurt by it, and these distant relatives of victims are all over the place. Just a thought.

Regards, Peter

-- Peter Nivling (pcnivling@capecod.net), September 22, 1998.

Let the records show that on this twenty-second day of September in the year of our Lord nineteen-hundred-and-ninety-eight, that Mr. Dalton and I agree.

-- Gilded (GildedAgeJunkie@yahoo.com), September 22, 1998.

The scary thing was: when I walked into my local supermarket on September 1st (the home video release date), there were already palletloads of Halloween candy specials in the aisles!

A costume idea would be to go as one of the ship's funnels; get three of your friends/family together and y'all could carry around the hull (suspended from makeshift shoulderstraps). My mental image of the costume is very humourous; it would be pretty awkward to get around in, unless the fourth smokestack was (like the real ship) fake and purely to balance-out proportions. The general populace would consider it truly scary!

Easier to go as a drunken Irish steerage passenger, or Director: James Cameron wearing his olive-non-drab Digital Domain jacket and wireless headset.

-- Thomas M. Terashima (titanicshack@yahoo.com), September 24, 1998.

Thank you for your compliments about our country Peter :-) Dalton, I also understand what you're saying but I was just commenting on the fact that to me, Halloween meant dressing up in scary costumes, not in "fancy dress" costumes, so to speak. That was the reason for my query about all these Titanic outfits, because they're hardly scary.

-- Emma (dilemma76@hotmail.com), September 24, 1998.

Emma, It's traditional to go as something scary but it seems to me that more and more people like to get into costume just for the fun of it. It's the one time of the year when people can look scary or dress up like someone from the 16th century and NOT get looked at like they're insane!!

As for the original question, I wasn't going to go as anything related to Titanic but I do like to sew and I've ended up making a replica of the "jump" dress so I suppose I'm going to go as Rose...good thing I have red hair! LOL

-- Miranda Swearingen (Kylen1@hotmail.com), September 25, 1998.

I don't see anything wrong with imitating Rose for Halloween, even as a frozen Rose. That is a fictional charater, meant to entertain us, as it will on Halloween. Keep in mind that there was no Rose Dawson, or Rose Dewitt Bukater for that matter. People have been going as movie characters for quite some time. It's only human for someone to go as a character from the biggest movie of all time. I do agree, though, with the people writing in about how it is disgraceful and distasteful and saddening to relatives., but I think people know when to draw the line. It's just a movie!

-- Kelly (foo@bar.com), September 26, 1998.

I have been wanting to go as Rose for Halloween for a while now. Whoever has some links on where to get the costumes please send it to me...Thank You.

-- Diana Feroz (dianaferoz123@aol.com), April 22, 2004.


-- Dakota (Dramaqueen205@adelphia.net), October 17, 2004.

This yeeeeaaar I am going to be Rose for Halloween. I am going to my church and going to have some fun...

-- Bob the builder (sumptersgrrl205@adelphia.net), October 17, 2004.

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