where to find blueprints/diagrams for studio design

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Does anyone know of a good source on the web that provides blueprints and/or design drawings for project studios?

-- Robert J. Dred (bdred@aeneas.net), September 15, 1998


Well, no. You're not likely to find any either due to the specific nature of studio design. There's lots of generic information, some good and some outright WRONG. Unless you're building from the ground up, a general plan wouldn't take into account your basic building shell's dimensions, construction, etc. There's really no getting around it - you have to either hire a good acoustical consultant / studio designer, or learn to do the math and all the research. your needs may be served by simple steps, depending on how "extensive" your "project studio" is, We just opened our new location after six months of construction and four months of design and layout. Email me with a bit of info regarding what you want to do with your room, equipment, exsisting structure, etc. and maybe I can give you some suggestions. Good luck with your studio.

-- Phil O'Keefe (pokeefe102@aol.com), September 30, 1998.


This message may be al little late in comming, but when i was building my project studio i used a book called "project studio blueprint"... i got it from the mix bookshelf in mix magazine...it was very helpful. I rent a building so the structure was already there but it gave lots of examples on how to design the studio. I don't see any reason to hire an consultant unless you are building from ground up...i did all of the work myself, and i started from 4 walls basically. The only thing i contracted out was the air conditioning. It was a very stressfull and at times a very intensive project, but i came out excellent and the reward is wonderful. If you have a questions drop me a note.

-- (RanthonyP@aol.com), November 05, 1998.

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