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Can i produce full flashpix-format pictures with my scanner (a Mikrotek E6). I have MS pictureIt 2.0, i also have photoshop 3.0 LE. When i stored them in flashpix-format (in MS-PIT 2.0), i could see that the file was stored as a "flatfile". What does it mean?

What kind of software do i have to use for producing full .FPX-pictures?

Yours sincerly Sigbjxrn Nilsen, Reine, Norway.

-- Sigbjxrn Nilsen (, September 10, 1998


Yes, virtually any scanner can be made to create FlashPix files. Depending on how you are scanning the images it may require you to save as a tiff and then convert to FlashPix later. If you are scanning into Photoshop, first download the photoshop plugin at (not necessary with Photoshop 5). When the image is done being scanned into Photoshop, file>export>flashpix to save it as a flashpix file. In Photoshop 5 just file>save as. If you are not using photoshop, find out whether your scanning software supports flashpix, or photoshop plug-ins.

-- Martin Rigby (, September 11, 1998.

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