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One of our non-internet members has asked what the best model paint match is for ACL/SCL caboose orange. Can anyone help?

-- Larry Goolsby (, September 08, 1998


I'am presently doing an Scl caboose. The decal set in using is an old Herald King set #C-380 and on the set it recommends mixing Floquil 80% RR-30 Reefer Orange and 20% RR-11 Reefer White. I ended up with a light shade of orange . Member#003013

-- John J. Arena Sr. (, August 30, 1999.

Model Railroader, July 1968, recommended 3 parts Floquil Reefer Orange to 2 parts Reefer Yellow. I always thought that was a good match.

-- Paul Faulk (, June 07, 1999.

I own eight SCL HO orange cabooses. Six of them I've found at various train shows; each a long discontinued model. The other two, I've painted from scratch using Floquil reefer orange. All of them are a slightly different shade ranging from a pinkish tint to a yellowish one. Each by themselves though, looks just fine. I found it very hard to make an exact match from photos because each prototype seemed to weather differently from the others. Even using two different bottles of the Floquil orange on the same model kit produced slightly different results. On real railroads, paint from one manufacturer , Ex. Sherwin-Williams will weather differently from another Ex. Dupont. Also from year to year, the same brand might be just as different.(much like my Floquil bottles) I say, choose whatever looks right to you and proceed accordingly.

-- Andrew Callo (, January 27, 1999.

Upon actual inspection of the paint bottle I see that the paint I referenced is really POLLY Scale #414392 "SCL Caboose Car Orange"...

-- Neal Horner (, December 22, 1998.

Floquil Pollyscale offers a SAL/SCL Orange, #414386 . I'm pretty sure this is the one I recently used to paint SCL cabeese (I'll check when I get home for exact Id)

-- Neal Horner (, December 11, 1998.

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