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Does anyone know what we can expect in the future from James Cameron, Leonardo, or Kate? I heard rumors (a long time ago) that Cameron wants Leo to be his Spiderman, which I personally think would be a great role. I am looking forward to the films of these three people, whatever they may be.

Also, I wanted to tell all of you regulars how much I appreciate everything you write - it keeps a couple of us very entertained throughout a long night shift! Don't slow down.

-- cgk (, September 08, 1998


Apparentlty Mr. Cameron is doing a script for a remake of 'Planet of the Apes'. The Spiderman ideas are on the back burner because of legal issues, so if this ever comes out it will be probally be up to five years from now. Leo is planning to do an adaptation of a book called The Beach starting in January. And Kate's next movie is called Hideous Kinky which will probally be out this fall or winter. But at the moment she is filming Holy Smoke with Harvey Keitel and Pam Greir in Australia.

-- Shaunna (, September 08, 1998.

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