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am I the omly one who feel's sorry for CAl.I mean rose,whom he was engadged to ran of with someone poorer then him,she dissed him,he got dissed by mr.murdoch,he lost the neckless,and got money thrown in his face,all in one night!!

-- Carrie white (E trade, September 07, 1998


Response to Am I the only one

Yes you are the only one, I think. Cal deserved everything he got, in my humble opinion.:)

-- Gilded Age Junkie (, September 07, 1998.

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Yes, you are the only one. Cal slapped his poor fiancee in the face, he tried to bribe his way off the ship, then lied about being the only thing that poor little girl had in the world in order to get on a lifeboat, he told Jack that he always wins (meaning he would survive and Jack would die), he shot at Jack and his own fiancee, etc. I think Cal should've gone down with the ship, but I was glad to hear that he put a pistol in his mouth after the stockmarket crash. Feel sorry for a man that does all that? NO WAY!

-- Lynn (, September 07, 1998.

Response to Am I the only one

I'd say you're the only one...

-- Rose (, September 08, 1998.

Response to Am I the only one

He was a first-class jerk! He definitely got what he deserved. Don't you want to spit on him when he hits Rose?

-- cgk (, September 08, 1998.

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As, played by Billy Zane Cal is the Best sort of villian like Joan Collins as Alexis on Dynasty or some '40's movie idol. He made Titanic worth viewing over 50 times!

-- michael pitt (, September 08, 1998.

Response to Am I the only one

Funny, there's a good young Cal in "East of Eden" (1955) played by James Dean. I just watched this movie today and loved it. The "in love with hands" line is also in this movie.

-- Dan Draghici (, September 08, 1998.

sorry, but you are on your own on this one.. Cal was a lousy sod, and he got everything he deserved..trying to bribe himself off the ship, that is just really pathetic and shows how much one person would do to save themselves, while many others were helpless. In one scene (in the script) that was cut, was when cal had got onto a boat with about 2 others, fabrizio wanted to get on and was saying how he needed to get to america.. and do u want to know what cal did?? The selfish pig badgered fabri and pointed his oar, and said 'Its that way!'

i mean thats really horrible..i felt like slapping him myself...

-- jessica ruxton (, April 21, 2002.

Cal was just the product of his environment. Get your tomatos ready to throw: I felt **a little** sorry for Cal. I think he loved Rose in his own blindered way.

Guess i'm just a no-good capitalist!

-- Nightfire (, November 15, 2003.

You are not the only 1 who feel sorry for Cal....I am so sorry for him cause he and Rose didnt click....I believe they are great couples if they only sort out their differences.....The 2 of them are to blame for the tragic and heart-wrenching story.....

-- Francine Terede (, December 27, 2003.

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