Excellent documentary! {"Beyond Titanic" on A&E}

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It was an excellent A&E documentary. I was caught by surprise to see that the narrator was Victor Garber, the one who played Mr. Andrews in the 1997 movie. I also found out that three survivors had their ashes scattered in the ocean, above the wreck. And how about the image of those binoculars, showed twice, as a reminder of a little something that might have avoided the disaster. Plus we got to see the actor who played the cook in the late movie, as he played before in another Titanic movie. I already knew that the actor who played Spicer Lovejoy also played in a previous movie. Wow!

-- Dan Draghici (ddraghic@sprint.ca), September 06, 1998


The VHS video is available on Amazon.

-- Thomas Terashima (tom@nucleus.com), June 19, 2003.

Response to Excellent documentary!

Absolutely outstanding! As a person who has studied Titanic for many years, I can say that this program showed me things I never knew before. For example, I remember the 1966 "Time Tunnel" episode (the first, I believe) but did not remember the "One Step Beyond" (or "Alcoa Presents") episode and this was a program that I watched religiously. As a matter of fact, somewhere I have a 33.3 record album of the music from that series!(It scared the hell out of me). Now I have to find when this program will air again so that I may tape it and before you ask, I don't know why I didn't tape it this time but I won't make that mistake again. A&E continues to come up with great programs such as this and I hope they continue to do so.

Regards, Peter

-- Peter Nivling (pcnivling@capecod.net), September 06, 1998.

Response to Excellent documentary!

Dan, I'm not sure who you're thinking of, but if you're referring to actor Bernard Fox (who played Fred Fleet in 'ANTR'), he played Col. Gracie in Cameron's Titanic, not the cook.


-- Kip Henry (kip-henry@ouhsc.edu), September 06, 1998.

Response to Excellent documentary!

You're right, Kip! I was confused by the moustache...

-- Dan Draghici (ddraghic@sprint.ca), September 06, 1998.

Response to Excellent documentary!

"Beyond Titanic" is definitely a keeper!!! I really enjoyed this program from beginning to end. It was great to see, in chronological order, all the movies that have been released (should "S.O.S. Titanic" have been covered--I haven't seen it so I don't know that film's true focus) plus the many books. I'm proud to have contributed in a small way to this program. Some of my magazines and newspapers cover the release of James Cameron's "Titanic" were used; I did see them, if even for just a few seconds. And it was thrilling to see my name in the credits too!!

-- Kathleen Marcaccio (dkosh@msn.com), September 07, 1998.

Response to Excellent documentary!

Kathleen,How did you get involved in the fantastic show? It was truely interesting and I for one will get the video. I too wondered why SOS Titanic was not featured? Why was Poseidon Adventure included? Poseidon is a great disaster film,but hardly related to Titanic.

-- michael pitt (XRRG10B@prodigy.com), September 07, 1998.

Response to Excellent documentary!

Yes, I was also suprised to see that the documentary missed the 1978 movie "S.O.S. Titanic," which I taped it a few months ago from TV and really enjoyed it. It focused more on the second class passengers and it was well done. The documentary should have also pointed the fact that several actors chose to play in more than one Titanic related movie. In the movie they missed to present, the actor who played Spicer Lovejoy in "Titanic" played the role of a schoolmaster from England who survives, after failing to have a "full" romance onboard the doomed ship. Otherwise, excellent show! And the use of Victor Garber as a narrator, very inspired.

-- Dan Draghici (ddraghic@sprint.ca), September 07, 1998.

Response to Excellent documentary!

I'm so glad that everyone enjoyed "Beyond Titanic." Believe me, it was quite a feeling to know that I contributed a little something to it. As to how I became involved....I simply answered a posting on the Countdown To Titanic board back in early July from a research assistant at Van Ness Films. She was looking for someone who had newspapers and magazines covering the release of James Cameron's "Titanic" and would be willing to share them. I responded, we talked on the phone, I prepared a list of mags and newspapers that I thought would meet their needs, faxed the list to them, they made their selections, and I shipped them from Michigan to California via their Fedex billing number. Over the next 6 weeks or so, she kept me apprised of their progress. On Thursday of last week, I heard that the program, which I knew was scheduled to air on Sept 6, had been finished late the previous night, just 3 days before air time!!! I had my materials back on Friday. As I said, it was great to be involved, no matter how little, in such a program, especially in the year of "Titanic." The ride has been fantastic!!!!

-- Kathleen Marcaccio (dkosh@msn.com), September 07, 1998.

Does anyone know where I can purchase this video with a money order or personal check?

-- JoAndra Van Dowall (vandowall@earthlink.net), June 18, 2003.

This full uncut documentary is included on the brand new DVD of the 1953 Barbara Stanwyck/Clifton Webb movie "Titanic". It's awesome!

-- Victoria McDaniel (stirfrypep@yahoo.com), December 29, 2003.

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