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I have just purchased a Mint Brownie Camera in the Box. But I need some help on opening the camera and how to load film (Kodak #616 if it is still available). I plan on using this camera as I did as a Kid a few (many) years ago. Also by chance does anybody know if there is an owners manual available on the Web for this Old Camera.



-- John Bradshaw (, September 06, 1998


re: 616

Owners manuals are very difficult to locate. I don't know of anywhere on the web that you will find it. You may try contacting the Brownie Group in the UK. Their address is listed on the Brownie Page.

-- Chuck (, September 30, 1998.

I have a 6-16, pull out the tabs on the right and top sides then pull the film winging knob, next pull the button on the tpp by the view finders and the front panel of the camera can be removed from the box to load the film. Reverse the procedure after the film is loaded to reassemble. Have a nice day.

-- david bieganski (, February 14, 2002.

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