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It was pretty interesting. Very nice computer graphics.

-- Rose (, September 05, 1998


Hey, speaking of which...I had never heard that rumor that they switched Titanic and Olympic at Belfast, and that J.P. Morgan would have been behind it, especially since he skipped the Titanic voyage claiming ill health, and then was found at a spa with his mistress.

Does anyone know anything else about this startling possibility? That is crazy if it's true. If anyone knows the specifics about this theory, let me know.



-- Josephine =) (, September 05, 1998.

There have been a few books on this theory. most notable i think was a book by Gardiner, Robin & Vander Vat called the Riddle of the Titanic. This book revealed many inconsistencies with the Titanic for example lst minute enclosure of the first class promenade. Apparantly, the theory was that the Olympic had been damaged more severely than originaly thought in its recent accident. It was not insured to a proper extent, so they renamed her Titanic as a new ship and purposely caused her to sink for insurance purposes. The numerous eye witnesses seeing other ships in the area but never idnetified were ships sent to rescue first class passengers. This is why so few bodies were found of the 1500+ that perished. Seems to far fetched to me but the theory was intreresting reading.

-- Brian D (, September 05, 1998.

This ranks right up there with the "mummy" story. Absolutely impossible and utter nonsense but is one of those stories that has been around for years. Sister ships look the same from a distance but when you get up close, the differences are obvious. Titanic was Titanic and Olympic was Olympic.

Regards, Peter

-- Peter Nivling (, September 07, 1998.

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