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I just got off the Billboard Online site and found out that Back to Tianic debuted at #7 on the chart. It sold 114,000 copies which makes it the best soundtrack-seller of all time, eclipsing the record for the Wedding Singer Volume 2. I was surprised that it did not debut higher. Oh well, it still is #1 in my book. Take care, everybody!!

-- Jim Islam (, September 03, 1998


I meant, the biggest soundtrack sequel of all time. Sorry for the error.

-- Jim Islam (, September 03, 1998.

After 37 weeks and 25 million copies of Vol 1 it is amazing that there is still that many people willing to get Vol 2! Music sequels never seem to do as well as the orignal,but just wait till next weeks Billboard chart comes out it may jump up!

-- michael pitt (, September 03, 1998.

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