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To our Moorish Brothers & Sisters, "PROPHECY: An Anthology of Love, Truth, Freedom, Justice, & Beauty." Created and edited by Omar ibn Lahab & Osman Malik Khan. This booklet includes historical texts and documents from both the Moorish Science Temple and the Moorish Orthodox Church; excerpts from the Circle Seven Koran; original artworks by Omar ibn Lahab; and photos of the Muslim world from Morocco to Rajput. 20pp B/W. A donation of $1 per copy would help defray production costs and would cover shipping/handling. write to: O.M. Khan 406 1/2 Princeton SE ABQ NM 87106 or Omar ibn Lahab 44 W 6th St. #3 Tucson, AZ 85705

-- the quizarate of the desert (, September 02, 1998

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