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Okay, I know this is a really weird (if not morbid) question but I was just wondering if anyone could have actually slept through the sinking?

We see that lady in her nightdress and that's what made me think of it. It makes it seem like she died while in her sleep.

-- Emma (, September 02, 1998


I doubt, Ems. Of course, maybe only historians Eaton and Haas might know the answer. I guess with all that noise and water flooding the place it must have been impossible for someone to die w/o knowing the ship was sinking. That girl in her nightdress must have died after she ran away and probably took off her coat for it was soaking, like Rose did later in the movie when she was trying to free Jack. Just a guess...

-- Dan Draghici (, September 02, 1998.

There are numerous accounts of stewards in all three classes going from door to door and arousing the passengers. Many slept through the collision, but it is extremely unlikely that anyone slept through the sinking.


-- Kip Henry (, September 02, 1998.

I don't know...I've slept through a tornado before. And I'm pretty darn tired right now...:)

-- Gilded Age Junkie (, September 05, 1998.

I think It is definitly possible that someone slept through the sinking.. Definitly.. Some people are very sound sleepers, myself included. You never know though, anything could have happened that horrible day, and We will never know the whole truth..

-- Ashley (, November 14, 2004.

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