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Does anyone have information about the ACL E8 fleet? I recently purchased a builders plate from what I believe to be an E8 and would like verification. The EMD builder's number is 9182. It was produced in January 1950. From what I found, the unit was built as ACL 544, was later renumbered SCL 576, and finally went to Amtrak and was renumbered AMT 234. How many E8s did ACL purchase? Was the 544 one of the earlier E8s? I would like any information about the ACL E8s, and specifically about the 544, if possible. A verification of my data would also be very helpful. I look forward to any information you can provide. Thank you! Joseph A. Elliot Please respond via email.

-- Joseph A. Elliot (, September 01, 1998


ACL E8 544 is indeed builder's number 9182. It was the first E8 to be purchased by ACL, being built in January 1950. ACL purchased only five E8s new (544-548), but acquired others in several ways. ACL E7 532 was wrecked in 1953 and rebuilt in the E8 532:2. In addition, ACL's original E-unit diesel E3 500 was also rebuilt in 1953 into an E8, and numbered 500:2. It was also a result of a wreck rebuild. In 1966, just before the SCL merger, ACL purchased 8 second hand E8As (549-556) from Precision National. These units were ex-MKT. ACL also bought two former RF&P E8Bs (ACL 765B-766B) from EMD in June 1965.

-- Warren Calloway (, September 03, 1998.

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