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Having a manifesto for this discussion board is a little silly, because it's, well, here for people to talk about raves in North Carolina. Duh, you say, and I agree. There are plenty of places for people to talk about raves in the N.C. area -- SERaves is a great, if chatty, mailing list about just that. (Email listserv@american.edu with "subscribe seraves" and your name in the body.)

Hey, and someone on SERaves tried to start up a North Carolina-only raves mailing list, but it flopped. What do I expect out of this board?

First, this board is *not* limited to discussing raves in North Carolina. Second, even though it's linked to a documentary project on the 'net (at http://sunsite.unc.edu/raves/) the discussion doesn't have to center around topics pertaining to that site in particular -- though we can certainly talk about the website and the project.

There are a lot of things about the rave scene I'd like to hear discussed, but without the endless chatter of the mailing list. (No offense -- I like the list, but it's overwhelming sometimes.) Q&A-type discussions makes for good places to talk about specific topics (like reviewing parties, or the latest media coverage). And you can follow the threads you choose through email from this board, if you like.

So, I'm not trying to step on SERaves' toes -- just trying to expand the fields of discussion.

-- Anonymous, September 01, 1998

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