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Help! My wife recently acquired some collector plates that were distributed by a company called Avondale, which I think is now defunct since I cannot find it listed anywhere. They are series of 4 plates by Frances Taylor Williams as the artist (sculptress). They are not the usual china plate. These are a molded resin and are in done in blue and white. It kind of reminds you of wedgewood or a cameo since the scene on the blue plate is a sculpture and done in white. The first plate (dated 1978) is called "Melissa" and there is a ad with it saying that this was voted "plate of the year" by "The Plate Collector" (which also has not published since 1984). They were done each year from 1978-1981 - Melissa, First Born, Daddy & Me, Melissa's Brother. Does anyone know where I can find out what these are worth? They had an issue price of $70 back in 1978-81. I can e-mail pictures if anyone needs to see them. Please help! E-mail me directly if possible. Any help is greatly appreciated! Thanks!

-- Tim Weiland (, September 01, 1998

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