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Blockbuster Video is staying open until two a.m. tomorrow so that they can release Titanic at midnight. Is anyone planning on standing in line for that besides me?


-- Misty Chacon (, August 31, 1998


I wish Misty. We don't get it over here until September 30th, but you can bet I'll be standing in line on that date :-)

-- Emma (, August 31, 1998.

I think it's a really bad move on Blockbuster's part to release it at midnight. It's like they sat down and said:"When is THE most inconvienient time we could debut this?". I didn't like the movie that much, but I still wanna rent it and watch it again. But I'm not going out at midnight. Especially not in the section of town where the Blockbuster is here!

-- Kat (, August 31, 1998.

Misty: I'll be in line at my local Blockbuster waiting not only for my video order (one of each) but also, as one of the first 100 in line at the store, for the special certificate to enter the Blockbuster Titanic contest. I stopped by the store just about an hour ago and saw the certificate, which is actually a plastic card featuring the TITANIC logo on the front and contest details on the back on a chain to wear around your neck. I also heard that some sort of poster is to be available, but I don't have details on that. Also, be sure to pick up their instore magazine with the Titanic cover too. I'm actually looking forward to bringing home all those goodies. Have fun!!!

-- Kathleen Marcaccio (, August 31, 1998.

You people are NUTS!! Midnight? I know it's TITANIC, but still.... I ordered my copy from and I'm willing to wait a few days more. Man, midnight. BB must be crazy.

----enough of that---- Hi people! How are you guys? I've been away for a while. And now I'm back. And guess what, I'm not obsessed with Titanic anymore! I still love it but it's not the first thing on my mind in the morning. =P Tom, it's great that the forum is still up and running. It's been around forever! Thanks! Ok, see you around!

-- Rose (, August 31, 1998.

Hello Rose:

You said: I'm not obsessed with Titanic anymore! I still love it but it's not the first thing on my mind in the morning

I'm just happy I wake up in the morning at this stage of the game let alone thinking about "Titanic"! :>)

Regards, Peter

-- Peter Nivling (, September 01, 1998.

Hi Everyone!!

Well, I guess I should let you in on a secret. Although I had thoroughly planned to be in line last night at blockbuster, I sudenly got very sleepy at about 9 p.m. My sweet, loving, devoted husband did stand in line for me at midnight though. It wasn't too terrible for him though, because he works an afternoon shift and is able to sleep until 10 a.m. What a guy!!!!


-- Misty Chacon (, September 01, 1998.

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