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This is a question for anyone who has both the Back To Titanic CD and the sheet music for My Heart Will Go On.

I was listening to The Portrait the other day and attempted to play along with it. But, when I started to play, I noticed that the CD music was way off in a seperate key than the piano music. Am I crazy or are they really played in different keys?? Or is my piano in need of a tuning?

-- Allison (, August 31, 1998


Hey allison... I don't read music but I do play by ear, and just this saturday I put the cd in and started getting the notes off the cd. I don't know what key it was written in the book but I got was able to play the song in D-minor. Hope that helps..


-- jester (, August 31, 1998.

I believe that phrase would be "IceBERG RIGHT ahead." You know, just FYI.

-- cgk (, August 31, 1998.

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