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I have been keeping up with the evolution of several shortlines purchasing the ex-CofGA lines South of Albany, Georgia. I am looking for info on their operations, and photos as i am trying to possible build a web page. I will return in information in kind. The shortlines are Georgia Southwestern, Georgia and Alabama, Atlantic and Gulf and several new G&O shortlines i am not sure about. Also, what is the status of NS operations between Macon, Alabany and Dothan?

Thanks for the help!!!

Hank Stephens

-- Hank Stephens (, August 30, 1998


As far as the Gulf & Ohio's operations go you might want to check out the "Florida Big Bend Railroading" site. He has photos of G&O equipment as well as information that could be of use...


-- Jerry M. LaBoda (, June 28, 2002.


I've been rather busy the last few months with family obligations, so my information my not be the most current but I do have some of the info you are wanting. As for the former CG line from Macon to Albany and on down to Dothan; it is alive and well. A local runs from Macon to Columbus serving on-line industries. With the reactivation of the mainline from Macon to Birmingham a few through freights are appearing also. A through freight also runs from Macon to Albany turning at Albany going back to Macon. This job set offs at Smithville cars to the G&A railroad. Somedays they don't make it back to Macon before going on the law in which event a relief crew is called to bring the train on into Macon. Americus is a hot spot, as it has been in the past, with 3 jobs going on duty here. One job runs to Macon and return taking cars from industries located between Americus and Ft. Valley. Another job goes to work in the afternoon that works local industries as well as Mullite bauxite mine in Andersonville. Another job goes to work around midnight that works the paper mill near Oglethorpe. You also have a GSWR local that runs from Columbus to Albany via Americus. I don't know much about the Gulf and Atlantic operation in Albany except to say that they have a hodge-podge collection of old Geeps that they must use for parts for their active locomotives. When I was there several months ago there were many old locomotives that looked as though they had run their last mile and were there for the parts they contained. The yard looked very busy with a couple of switch engines working. By looking at their operation it would appear their business is good. The Dothan line is also in good shape. A local runs from Albany to Dothan 6 days a week (except on Saturdays) and another local runs from Albany to Hilton and returns 6 days a week also (except on Sundays). The local to Dothan sometimes combines with the local to/from Hilton on the eastbound trip from Hilton to Albany. It is not uncommon to find the local leaving Hilton with 4 locomotives and 100+ cars. Not bad for a branch line. AND many times 2 or 3 of these locomotives will be SD-40-2's. On rare occasions I have seen 4 SD-40-2's leaving Hilton headed to Albany. Many times rumors have floated about that NS is interested in selling part of the Dothan line from Hilton to Dothan. So far they are just rumors.

Hope I have been some help.

Bryan Smith..................

-- Bryan Smith (, October 20, 1998.

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