Hawk-Eye Model C

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I'm trying to get some info (value, etc) on a Kodak No. 2 Cartridge Hawk-Eye Model C.

It uses 120 film and has a single reflecting viewfinder. It is similar in appearance to the Beau Brownie, bu less ornate.

Thanks, Tom Fysh

-- Tom Fysh (t.fysh@internetMCI.com), August 30, 1998



I don't have alot of info but here it is: your Kodak No. 2 Cartridge Hawk-Eye Model C was manufactured between 1926 and 1934 in the US. It is worth approximately $5-15. The Hawk-Eye trademark was originally owned by The Boston Camera Co and was passed onto the Blair Camera Co in 1890 when they were bought out. Kodak bought Blair in 1907 and produced the cameras in Rochester, NY in the new Blair Camera Division until WW1 and then the majority of Hawk-Eye's were for premium sales only. Some were made in the UK from 1927-39 by Kodak Limited. Yours was not. Wish I had more info! Why don't you shoot some rolls and send the results to the Gallery?

-- Chuck (cbaker@skypub.com), September 03, 1998.

I have the above, in red. Any info or values. It came to me in UK via Australia.

-- Gary Christopher Robins (garychristopherrobins@Yahoo.com), September 30, 2001.

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