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i want to make "personal favorites" cd's with this new phillips cd recorder i saw at discount warehouse...but i will frequently want to use my home cassette deck as the source afraid that i will need some type of a/d converter in between the 2 devices...right? what type of a/d converter would be a smart(cheapest but yet successful) purchase, if needed? Also...Ill want to pause the change input forward the cassette deck...stuff like that. Is this possible with this phillips unit?

If I could actually be convinced that i can easily make 200 of my "favorites only" mixed cd's.....and load em in to a 200 disc changer .....I'd take no more than 3 seconds to order both these toys from some outfit that has next hour delivery......this set up would be the pinnacle......and I think that blank cd's in bulk are cheaper than blank cassettes! Like a buck apiece?

Mini disc blanks are 10 bucks a pop,right? Portable cd walkmans are 70 bucks these days.....and mini discs are 200..right? So there really is no comparison in the loong run..... cd players are disc is still a novelty in a sense....this phillips seyt up seems to be the answer ive been waiting for for a dozen tired of random in dash decks eating or crinkling my precious tapes.....tired of hitting rewind when the deck is in reverse side mode and then having to start over.....tired of waiting for rewind or ff to slog through the tape.... tired of decks with no music search...cant find the start of songs.......dont know at what point i left a tape..... the instant find and no rewind and search and durability of cd media is SO much nicer than drop the 580 the recorder costs in a new york second if i could master the obstacles i asked about above....

any tips...knowledge...suggestions...warnings.....experience with the unit.....would be helpful and really appreciated.....gotta be able to pause...and use a cassette deck as a source device on occasion

-- jat w foley (, August 30, 1998


If your talking about the 870 or 880 model it will do what u you're talking about. You can copy from any analogue source throught the analogue inputs. I've made cd from dat, cd and cassette. You have to remember that the level on most cassettes is considerably lower then cd if your mixing formats. otherwise it works like a charm. There's even a trick so u can use regular cdr's.

-- Steven Bellamy (stevenbellamy@usa.nt), August 30, 1998.

I second the recommendation for the Philips CDR870. Works like a charm.

-- Doug Robinson (, August 30, 1998.

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