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One of our guests is searching for a repairman in LA, who repairs Genigraphics film recorders. Do you have any ideas as to how he might find one? Does anyone know of site that related to Genigraphics? Your help is appreciated.

-- Ron (, August 29, 1998


Not to start off on a negative note, but unless this person is EXTREMELY desperate I'd strongly advise upgrading to a different recorder like a MGI Solitaire since Genigraphics can't compete with CRT based recorders built today. Many Solitaire's are sold refurbished for massive discounts.

In it's heyday Genigraphics was the best at postscript/RIP graphics out-put, but I'm hesitant to even advise repairing the stuff.

Mainframe computer graphics (616.451.9882)in Grand Rapids Michigan used their Genigraphics system for out-put up until a few years ago. They don't do repairs, but they spoke highly of the system and might have a lead since they used their system for so many years.


-- Scott Eaton (, September 10, 1998.

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