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I have been a resident of San Francisco for the last seven years. I have relied on MUNI as my main mode of transportation on a daily basis from the start, therfore I feel entitled to share my suggestions to the powers that be. I'd like to think that I'm a pretty reasonable person. I understand that the MUNI system runs both above and below ground and that the city's street traffic is diffucult to factor in timing. (How can computer allow for that?) What about a little common sense? Why would anyone that had some, send 4 single N-cars in a row out of Embarcadero Station? Why not one of each? Yet I've seen it happen dozens and dozens of times. Is anyopne paying attention? Even if there are mechanical problems once in a while, if the drivers would only communicate to their passengers what to expect, people might be more understanding. The question is, do the drivers even know what's going on? Or rather, do they care? What kind of hiring standards are there for MUNI employees anyway? I have often wondered if Willie and other city officals ever take this nightmare ride once in a while. If not, I am personally inviting each and every one with me, on the morning of their choice. Just tell them to leave plenty of time to get there.

-- Philip Duman (, August 28, 1998


>Do drivers know what is going on? Nope. Drivers are generally not notified of service problems. In fact, sometimes drivers are not notified of problems that could be bypassed if notification was given.

>Do drivers care? Up to a point, but to protect their own mental health, drivers can't care too much, or they would all end up in the mental ward. If I get stuck in traffic, or any other situation out of my control, I don't get frustrated...I just sit back and relax.

>Hiring Standards Hiring qualifications/standards are posted at 44 Gough St.

Robert Parks 22-Fillmore

-- Robert Parks (, August 31, 1998.

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