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Although the video has not come out yet, I know it is not any different from the version shown in the theater. I am seemingly desperate to know when the director's cut will be coming out and whether it will be on video or on dvd.

-- Ed (, August 26, 1998


This subject has been much discussed. I keep reading that a long version is in the works, but I haven't heard any official confirmation. Given the demand, though, they'd be foolish not to do it. I still think they'll release the long version theatrically before they put it out in video.

Just my hunch!

-- Kip Henry (, August 26, 1998.

I'm sure that *eventually* there will be a Special Edition of Titanic.

The "lost scenes" will be first seen on the upcoming CD-ROM.

-- Thomas M. Terashima (, August 27, 1998.

Sorry Conspiracy fans but Titanic as it is now is it. James Cameron has left his company to others and is now focusing on other projects. A DVD edition is about as true as a Steven Speilberg movie on DVD. if your wondering it took Speilberg 5 years+ to release ET on home video after the theatrical release. james Cameron hates home movies, he likes theaters and no the Special Edition will never be released in full.

-- Rutger Stevens (, February 04, 1999.

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