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Here's an idea: Metro doesn't work. Cyclists are killed often enough on Market to keep people from trying to bike to work. How about closing the Metro tubes during commute hours, and repaving the interior to accomodate cyclists? Imagine -- riding to work by bike rain or shine without risking your life. No one has to re-route Market street traffic for bikes (like that would EVER happen). The idea may seem outlandish at first, but is it? It seems far more viable than the current system that JUST DOESN'T WORK, because some idiot decided that an Embarcadero station turnaround wasn't necessary. Are you listening, Critical Mass?

-- Joseph Hardegree (, August 26, 1998


Though I DO NOT REGULARLY commute to downtown via bicycle because my work doesn't allow for it, I do occasionally commute via bike from the near the ocean in the Outer Richmond to my job at Davis & Market. I've always enjoyed riding my bike to work when I can. And I think others would too. However, there are some that are so driven by the "rightness" in their beliefs that they push ideas that are beyond rational. Mr. Hardegree's idea of closing the Muni Metro tunnels DURING COMMUTE HOURS shows not only his irrationale, but it shows his selfishness as in effect it states: screw you "others" that do not ride a bike - I ride a bike and that makes me TOTALLY RIGHTEOUS! You don't: so screw you - and those pathetic excuse about having a bad hip is no excuse not to be riding a bike....

According to Mr. Hardegree, let's screw all others (because they don't ride a bike - OBVIOUSLY OUT OF TOTAL LAZINESS) during commute hours because 1)we bikers are so righteous that we ALONE should have the Metro tunnel to ourselves during commute hours, 2)screw the others, because if they weren't so OBVIOUSLY LAZY, THEY'D BE RIDING A BIKE, they don't deserve to have any use of the Metro tunnel

Pretty irresponsible Mr. Hardegree....

Last July, I was totally STUPID enough to go to that infamous Critical Mass cause I thought in numbers we'd have strength. Instead I got to see a bunch of TOTALLY SELFISH AND STUPID extremists (YES EXTREMISTS) whose only presence there was to piss those persons off who'd have otherwise have given bike riders some support. Thanx to those jerks, I had to ride home that evening with people throwing various missiles at me and swearing and threatening me. And the same thing that Saturday after....

-- Robert Woods (, August 26, 1998.

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