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Hi! I am Garah and I am very happy to hear the good news about joining your crew. I would like you to send me all the information and application forms that I will need for the transfer process. I would also like to know the tests (SAT,TOEFL, etc)that I should take to be part of FSU. You can answer me via E-mail or to my home address: Calle Prados DI #2 Rio Hondo IV Bayamon, P.R. 00961. Thank you very much for your attending my situation so quickly.

Garah M. Carrion-Colon

-- Garah M. Carrion-Colon (, August 25, 1998


Hi Garah,

I have not had much luck finding out any info on international students but we'll send you a General Catalog. In the catalog are transfer requirements and a application. Hopefully everything will go through alright. If you need any help, email me and we'll help out from up here. Hope to see you in January!

-- Alan Rhodes - FSU Crew President (, August 31, 1998.

Hi Garah,

You will probably be best served by contacting someone in the admissions office. I have included admissions contact information and some basic information on the transfer process. Good Luck!

Postal/Mail Address:
Office of Admissions
A2500 University Center
Florida State University
Tallahassee FL 32306-2400

General Phone Numbers:
850/644-6200 telephone
850/644-0197 fax

Ana Cano
Coordinator of Hispanic Student Admissions
Specialties: Freshman and transfer application status
information, Horizons Unlimited Program, Summer
Enrichment Program, multicultural student services. Spanish and French.

Applying for Admission as an International Student

The following items must be submitted by an international student seeking admission to Florida State University:

International Student Application for Admission form.
Nonrefundable application fee of $20 in U.S. currency (this fee cannot be waived or deferred). Official transcripts (mark sheets, diplomas and/or certificates) of all academic records and/or examination results. Notarized copies and photocopies which have not been attested to, or certified, are not acceptable. All documents in a language other than English must be accompanied by certified English translations.

Required test scores.
Completed Confidential Financial Statement or official Followship/scholarship award letter indicating the amount and duration of the award.

Graduate applicants should contact the academic department to which they wish to study for any additional required information or for information about application deadlines that are earlier than those listed below. Graduate departments generally require three letters of recommendation, which should be sent directly to the academic department.

Application Deadline
The University receives a large number of applications from international students each year. Because of the time required to complete the processing of the application and for the student to make visa and financial arrangements, deadlines have been established after which applications cannot be processed.

The application for admission and all supportive credentials and documents must be received no later than the dates indicated below:

                 Fall      Spring       Summer 
Freshman         Mar 1     *            Mar 1 
Transfer         Jun 20    Nov 1        Mar 1 
Graduate         Mar 1     Jul 1        Nov 1 

*The University does not accept Freshmen applications for the Spring Semester.

Academic Records
When you send the application form, you should also request that the Registrar or Records Official at each institution you have attended send original records covering all work you have completed or attempted to the Office of Admissions. The records should list all courses you have taken each year and the marks or grades you have received in each subject. Course descriptions and the number of weeks and hours spent in lectures and laboratory work for each course are required of undergraduate transfer applicants if transfer credit is expected. Diplomas or certificates you have received for completing government and university examinations must show the subjects you have passed and the grades received. Applicants for graduate status must also submit documents that include evidence of university degrees received.

Translations of all records which are not in English must accompany the documents. Either original documents or signed, officially certified photocopies of original documents of previous school records are acceptable. The verifying signature should be that of an officer of the institution attended. Notarized copies and photocopies which have not been attested to, or certified, are not acceptable. No action can be taken on applications submitted without supporting credentials.

Test Scores
SAT and ACT The examination offered by the American College Testing Program (ACT) or the Scholastic Assessment Test I (SAT I), which is administered by the College Entrance Examination Board, is required of all freshman applicants and undergraduate transfer applicants who have earned less than 60 semester hours (roughly two full years) of transferable credit, and all undergraduate applicants who are requesting a degree program leading to teacher certification. Arrangements should be made for the test results to be forwarded to the Office of Admissions. ACT and SAT I scores reflected on U.S. high school records are considered official.

TOEFL If your native language is not English, you must take the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL). A minimum score of 550 is the University requirement; however, some departments require a higher score. TOEFL scores are considered official only when they are sent directly to the Office of Admissions from the Educational Testing Service. Examinee copies are not considered official. Arrangements for the test may be made by writing to: TOEFL, Educational Testing Service, Box 6151, Princeton, New Jersey 08541-6151, U.S.A.

Florida College-Level Academic Skills Test (CLAST) All students are required by Florida Statutes and Rules of the State Board of Education to satisfactorily complete the College Level Academic Skill Test (CLAST) before the granting of admission to upper division (Junior level) status. Applicants from a Florida public institution normally take this test toward the end of their sophomore year; other applicants must take the test during their first semester on campus.

-- Dion Sweat (, September 04, 1998.

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