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Well The second soundtrack is FINALLY here. I've bought it and listened to it and.....I LIKE it. I could have done without some of the bits from the movie but overall I like it. What does everyone else think?

-- Miranda Swearingen (, August 25, 1998


I bought the second soundtrack today and I am very pleased with it. The first track, Titanic Suite, is almost 20 minutes long and combines the great music from the 1st soundtrack. Track 2, the Irish music, and Track 6, A Building Panic, are excellent as well as "My Heart Will Go On" with dialogue from the film. Everybody who loved the 1st soundtrack will love this one.

-- Jim Islam (, August 25, 1998.

This is so unfair! Just kidding :-) But I am upset that we still don't even have a release date for it in Australia. I'm glad to hear that it's as good as the first one though, you can bet I'll be first in line when it hits the stores.

-- Emma (, August 25, 1998.

The second soundtrack is spectacular! I bought two CD'S one for my home and one for my office,and a tape for my jeep. My favorite cut is Building To a Panic.

-- MICHAEL PITT (xrrg10b@PRODIGY.COM), August 25, 1998.

I think the second soundtrack actually embodies more of the overall scope of the film. I enjoyed more than the first soundtrack. Although the first soundtrack was very good, I think the second is much more diverse. My favorite track is "The Portrait." I can just visualize Kate on the couch and James Cameron's hands drawing her like one of Jack's French girls. Excellent!

-- WEP (, August 25, 1998.

I just got to listen to the first 3 tracks, which I'm doing right now. It's great! I can see the movie in the front of my eyes, woo-hoo! Now I'm waiting for the movie tapes.

-- Dan Draghici (, August 26, 1998.

Michael Pitt, what is up with "buying 2 copies of the CD and a tape"?? I am now convinced you are involved with the movie commercially. Every remark of yours is an advertisement! I agree with what you all have said about this soundtrack, except that it is superior to the first. I too am bugged by the sound bites, except with MHWGO. Does anyone agree that the sound bites are there to get people to see the movie (video) again? Tacky. My other disappointment is that the opening piece in the movie isn't on here. (It wasn't on the first CD either. Listen carefully the next time you see the film, if you think I'm wrong.) But I recommend it overall.

-- BobG (, August 30, 1998.

Since tracking down a copy of "Back to Titanic" on Tuesday, I've listened to it several times. Here are my thoughts: I love "Titanic Suite"--it is truly a great piece of orchestration!!! I really enjoy "An Irish Party," "Alexander's Ragtime Band," "Nearer My God To Thee." Both "The Portrait" and "A Building Panic" bring back so many emotions. You're right, Dan, when you said that you can see flashes of the movie while listening to this CD. But I am disappointed with this release for these two reasons: too much movie dialogue (with exception of MHWGO, I do like that piece) and the version of "Come Josephine in My Flying Machine." I especially do not like the movie dialogue and death dirge that the piece turned into. Why didn't Horner choose the more lighthearted approach as it played in The Flying Scene? Nonetheless, I am glad to have "Back to Titanic" among my collection of some 15 or so Titanic-related CDs. The music of the era is beyond compare...and James Horner's soundtrack combines that sound with the roots of the people involved.

-- Kathleen Marcaccio (, August 30, 1998.

I have to agree, Kathleen. Too much dialogue from the movie and the problem is that when you hear Jack and Rose talking is not the same like in the movie, it's rather somewhat artificial, like it was done afterwards in a studio, only for the this CD. You don't get this feeling when you watch the movie, but on this CD, especially in the "Irish Party" I keep getting this sense of artificiality. Jack's question to Rose "So you wanna go to areal party?" in the begining of the track would have sufficed... But otherwise the CD is great, a "guilty pleasure" as Dan Dalton has coined it. I waited for the "Come Josephine" and "NMGTT" songs, and of course, the aforementioned "Irish Party" song that always sets my blood into extra motion...

-- Dan Draghici (, August 30, 1998.

I was thinking of buying this CD, but some of the comments above are scaring me off. I don't want to buy a pastiche. How many of the tracks have dialogue from the movie added? So far we've got MHWGO (OK since I have it on the first CD if I ever in my life want to hear it again), the "Irish Party" and "Come Josephine". Are any more of the tracks spoiled by added film dialogue? Are the untainted versions also on the CD? PLEASE tell me that the NMGTT track does NOT include the Irish mother comforting her children!

-- Dan Dalton (, August 30, 1998.

Only those tracks you mentioned, Dalton, have dialogue from the film. And unfortunately those pieces are not repeated without the dialogue. NMGTT doesn't have the Irish mother, but rather Cameron himself, with excerpts from his acceptance speeches at the Oscars (i.e. "I'm the king of the world", "Let us pause for a minute of silence for the 1500 souls")

-- BobG (bob@bob.bob), August 30, 1998.

Have not heard it yet, would love to. I loved the first one.

-- Melanie (, August 30, 1998.

I do hope you are kidding BobG. About the James Cameron acceptance speech, that is :-)

We got an ad for it over here on the weekend and it's apparently available over here but when I asked about it last week, no-one knew a thing. Damn Aussie Hicks. ;-) And we're getting the video on September 30th. Woohooo!!!!

-- Emma (, August 30, 1998.

Despite the tracks with movie dialogue, "Back to Titanic" is worth every penny just for the 20-minute "Titanic Suite" written by James Horner and played by the London Symphony Orchestra. This piece alone brings me to tears several times throughout and just makes it all worth buying!!! The Irish Party music is terrific too.

-- Kathleen Marcaccio (, August 30, 1998.

I don't understand why everyone is bagging the tracks with dialogue included. I've only heard MHWGO with dialogue on the radio and it's the same one as on the CD but I love it.

I've been told that the Come Josephine track has Rose saying "There's a boat Jack" and you can bet I'll be bawling like a baby just remembering that scene from the movie.

-- Emma (, August 30, 1998.

Actually, there are two versions of NMGTT on the B2T CD -- the theatrical version performed by I Salonisti, and another, nearly identical rendition performed by an Eileen Ivers (violinist, I believe). The former cut **does** have a bit of film dialog and background sound at the very end of the cut -- Wallace Hartley's final line, "Gentlemen, it has been a privilege playing with you tonight."

Overall, I'm pleased with B2T. The Titanic Suite itself is worth the price. Yeah, the dialog overdubbing of the Gaelic Storm cut is annoying, but that's show biz.

-- Kip Henry (, August 30, 1998.

What dialogue have they included in the Irish Music piece? I know there's the "So do you wanna go to a real party" at the very beginning but that's it.

-- Emma (, August 30, 1998.

Ems, it's the part when Jack tells Cora that he will dance with Rose, then he invites Rose to dance, she first refuses, he tells her not to think, just dance, then all the giggling...

-- Dan Draghici (, August 31, 1998.

Hi Dan, I love being called Ems, not many people give me a nickname :-)

Do they also have the "we're gonna have to get a little closer than that" line? That's one of my favourites.

-- Emma (, August 31, 1998.

Yes, you can hear that line, too...

-- Dan Draghici (, August 31, 1998.

I bought the soundtrack last night and I LOVE it. It's fantastic. Of course, I've only listened up to "A Building Panic" but I'm sure the rest is great as well.

One question, in the Irish Party song, some of the dialogue does sound like it's been recorded in a sound studio, not taken from the movie directly. For example, from memory I thought that Jack said "we're gonna have to get a little closer than that, like this" a lot softer than what you hear in the song.

-- Emma (, August 31, 1998.

Ems, that was exactly my impression when I listened that track.

-- Dan Draghici (, September 01, 1998.

YOU MISSED ONE!! There is one other song that I can think of that has dialoge in it. Nearer My God to Thee. It's only at the end thank goodness but I'm so glad they put it in there. It's the line that the band leader says to the rest of them "Gentlemen, it has been a priviledge playing with you this evening." I just loved it. The laughing in the Irish Party song I could really have done without and the bits in Come Jospheine. I also wish they had made that song a bit more lively. It was just to for the rest...I agree, It's wonderful:)

-- Miranda Swearingen (, September 27, 1998.

I am really enjoying the cd. Actually, some of it makes me laugh my head off - in the party music, I think Jack says "woo-hoo hoo" every 5-10 seconds. We played it one night at work and could not stop laughing. It's kind of ridiculous-sounding.

-- cgk (, September 30, 1998.

No wonder this second soundtrack isn't selling! I thought the point of a soundtrack album is to present the music from the film in its pure state, before it's cut to shreads and dumped into the background of the dialogue and sound effects tracks. If I wanted dialogue I'd hook up my VCR to a cassette recorder and copy the audio from the movie - sounds like that's what the producers of this album did. What a totally slapdash crock of sh-t this album sounds like! Good thing I didn't fall for it, because of your warnings. Thanks!

-- Dalton (, September 30, 1998.

No no no Dalton, don't let the dialogue turn you off buying this. It's fantastic! Even my guy enjoys listening to it, moreso than the first one. True, he does make fun of the "there's a boat Jack" dialogue in Come Josephine by pretending to start crying, but that doesn't matter. :-)

-- Emma (, September 30, 1998.

Dalton, get the soundtrack. You'll be glad you did if you liked the movie. I agree with some people, the " woo hoo" by Jack did go on much longer than needed, but you'll really love it. The "Nearer My God to Thee" song is great, with the dialogue at the end. And if you liked the movie enough to come to the Kate Winslet Threads, then get the soundtrack. Enjoy if you decide to check it out! Besides, by now it's probably on bargain sales.

-- Kelly (, October 01, 1998.

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