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Here's the latest about the Back to Titanic soundtrack, taken from the Mr Showbiz Wall of Sound:

"What happens when a soundtrack album--a non-pop soundtrack at that--sells over 10 million copies? Why, you do it again. And so we have what must be Sony Classical's elementary rationale in producing a sequel (timed neatly to coincide with the film's home video release) to Titanic's first soundtrack, featuring more original music from score composer James Horner. As a bonus of sorts to fill out the album, Horner also includes several examples of sources which served as inspirations for Titanic's musical themes. "An Irish Party in Third Class," for example, performed by Gaelic Storm, captures the reeling Celtic music heard during the scene in which Jack takes Rose dancing below decks. The same goes for two other pieces, the rollicking "Jack Dawson's Luck," another Celtic medley, and the elegant "Nearer My God To Thee," which shows up twice here, once in classical form by I Salonisti and again by Celtic fiddler Eileen Ivers. (Does anyone know why, apart from the presence of British immigrants on board, the soundtrack is dominated by Celtic music?) As expected, Celine Dion's epic single, "My Heart Will Go On," is reprised here as well, though this time it is interspersed with (rather cheesy) bits of the film's dialogue, making an already overwrought song at least inadvertently humorous.

It is easy to be blasi or cynical about this project, as, in its redundancy and timing, it wreaks of exploitation and, frankly, greed. But it's also a completely logical move given today's musical climate, where soundtracks dominate the SoundScan album charts. (Three currently sit in the Top 5.) And with the mega-success of the movie, its original soundtrack, and the mania for all things Titanic, why not jump back aboard the behemoth as it swings around on its way back to the bank? Bob Gulla"

I wonder if they're going to include the piano solo that was playing while Jack drew Rose? {added horizontal rule}

-- Emma (, August 24, 1998



The piano solo played while Jack drew Rose was just a non-vocal variation of the "My Heart will go On" song.

I have no idea if they will include it on the new CD. It wouldn't be a bad idea, since it does have a distinctive sound and style which sets it apart from the original song it came from. I guess we'll find out soon!

-- Thomas Shoebotham (, August 25, 1998.


Yes, the piano solo is on there though this time it is called The Portrait.

-- Miranda (, August 25, 1998.

WOOHOO!!! Thanks for letting me know Miranda.

-- Emma (, August 25, 1998.

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