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I had occasion to take my first trip to work (boarding the 6:15 A.M. train at 43rd and Judah) under the new POP system. While it was nice to be able to board the train(s) at any door if you don't need to pay cash (I had a Muni pass), there was NO ONE CHECKING. There were two cars coupled together, with the second totally driverless and no apparent checking there, either. While I questioned the use of San Francisco police officers, which were the advertised "checkers," the lack of anyone "official" -- driver or checker -- in the second car was unnerving. I view this as a disaster waiting to happen.

-- Lynda Beck (, August 24, 1998


NO ONE IS CHECKING FOR POP! It ticks me off that I pay $35 for a pass, yet some idiot can skip the fee and get in through the rear door, so that I (the one who pays) doesn't get a seat half the time and have to stand. It seems like an invitation for freeloaders and homeless types to use Muni for free, while paying customers suffer. Was legalizing entering through the rear door really the biggest problem for Muni? I DON'T THINK SO. I'm SO sure a homeless person taking advantage of the system can pay the $250 fine. Meanwhile, the already stinky lines will get extra rank after the homeless take up residence in the buses. Plus, NO ONE IS CHECKING IN THE FIRST PLACE! Muni has been around for decades -- how long will it take for them to get their heads out of their asses? Driving to work is pointless, taking Muni is pointless, biking is like taking your life in your hands... even though it totals nearly eight miles a day for me, I've started to just walk everywhere. It's cheap, healthy, and predictable. In other words, walking is the antithesis of the Muni experience.

-- Joseph Hardegree (, August 26, 1998.

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