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Last weekend, I came across some copies of plans for converting old SR boxcars into MOW cars, namely, a tool car, bunk car, foreman's quarters, dining car and canteen. They are dated from the 1918 standard. The only time I've seen a photo of one of them is where they are off to the side of a shot of a class Ms arriving at the foot of the Saluda grade. One thing that was not on the drawings was the paint color, (Lettering appears to be black). Anybody have any idea as to the color ( my first guess is just MOW grey )? I would like to know for a kitbash I plan to do.



-- Kenneth Selvidge (, August 24, 1998


Kenneth--there is a color photo of such a car in the Southern color book quide to equipment. The photo shows the car in a ligh Pullman green color with yellow lettering. I think the photo is from the early 1960s.

-- Larry Puckett (, January 19, 1999.

Kenneth--I have always thought I remembered the Southern B&B MOW cars that I saw once in the mid-1950's near my home were in a shade of something like Boxcar Red. However, I might be wrong, and have never seen anything to support this.

Alton Underwood (, 1999

-- Alton Underwood (, August 29, 1999.

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