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The latest issue of Model Railroading has an article on circus train loading and equiptment. The article states that the first recorded movement took place in 1838 between Forsyth and Macon. The Central of Georgia Railway Album says that the line between the afore mentioned cities didn't get built till 1843, the Monroe Railroad & Banking Company. Does anyone know the answer to the conflicting stories? Todd Horton

-- Todd Horton (, August 23, 1998


The Monroe Railroad & Banking Company did not commence construction of its line from Macon to Marthasville (Later Atlanta) until 1837. The line was not completed and placed in operation until 1845. The line between Macon and Forsyth was apparently opened for operation on December 10, 1838. If the circus folks timed it carefully, they could have made their movement in 1838.

I have my doubts.

Bob Hanson

-- Robert H. Hanson (, August 25, 1998.

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