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Does Kate Winslet herself rise onto her toes in a ballet postion in the steerage party scene, or was she assisted by people or wiress?

-- Lynae Anderson (, August 23, 1998


I'm no ballet expert, but my guess is that a little bit of movie magic was involved. Try it yourself - it's no easy task. It takes ballet dancers years to aquire the strength. And Kate would need it given her weight! (Please, no comments on how she's not heavy or on female body image, or on emaciated supermodels. I'm talking simple physics here.)

-- Dan Dalton (, August 23, 1998.

Oops, I needed an extra "c" in there somewhere above.

-- Dan Dalton (, August 23, 1998.

Dalton, do you honestly expect me to let that one slide? I'd hazard a guess and say that Kate Winslet weighs about 60kgs (132lbs) and if she had training as a ballerina she could go en pointe quite easily.

Hang on though, I haven't seen the movie for a few months now, did we see a full body shot of Kate while she was en pointe or did we see separate shots of the feet and then of Kate's upper body? If we didn't see a full body shot, it might very well be an actual ballerina Cameron used for that shot.

Can anyone who's paid more attention to that scene fill me in please? Thanks muchly.

-- Emma (, August 23, 1998.

Em, I paid close attention to that scene to see if it was Kate herself, and indeed it was. But when it was a full body shot, she was on her toes for only a second.

-- Allison (, August 23, 1998.

To answer your ? Emma, no they only shot from the waste down while Kate was on her toes. That's why I agree that it was movie magic.

-- Jadi (, October 28, 1998.

Has it occurred to anyone that maybe she was being pulled up and held by cables of come kind? Since you do see her in a full body shot on her toes, that seems the most logical answer to me.

-- (, October 29, 1998.

I think it would have to be movie magic... I mean do you realize exactly how strog your big toes would have to be to support your entire body weight?! Are there any dancers out there who could help us with this one?

-- Miranda Swearingen (, October 31, 1998.

Hi! I asked the question originally. Miranda, I am a dancer myself (that was why I was curious about that scene) and not many people can do that without pointe or toe shoes on. I certainly cannot and only know one person-an ice-skater- that can.

-- Lynae Anderson (, October 31, 1998.

I also am a dancer (nine years classical ballet,irsih step dancing too)I ahve tried ti imetate this scene and have to hold on to something! Kate did go to a performing arts school so maybe she has had dance training? My opinion is that she is completely on her toes for a second and as for the close-up she is being held up.

-- mikki (, March 08, 1999.

When I was a kid, about 18, I could do this easily. It's not that hard when you're young, but I can't do it now (a lot older.)

-- Desha Shepherd (, January 01, 2000.

Hello, enough with this nonsense! IT REALLY WAS KATE! In an interview with her on one of the morning shows late December 1997, she admitted that she practiced and also when it shows her feet only, those really are her feet... no pullies involved!!! The zoom out of that shot just before she falls into Jack, THAT'S REALLY HER TOO! Any other questions? I can help answer them, I have a lot of affiliations with many of the people from that movie because my friend suba dives and.... it's a long story, but e-mail me if you want to know about my connection with Hollywood. Love to hear from ya! Talk to you soon! Ashley xox

-- Ashley Flood-- me, again (, May 02, 2003.

what did very early dancers wear when ballet first beghan

-- sam carlie (, September 28, 2003.

i read that the uh movie makers had her body spliced like on computer or something and they used ballet dancers.

-- anne (, January 04, 2004.

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