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It is possible for a piece of the Titanic to be found ten miles from the actual place of discovery?

-- karen malcolm (, August 22, 1998


Response to part of titanic being raised

Actually, what happened was in 1996, they tried to raise that piece, and they got it to the top, and dragged it some, but the lines broke or something, and it fell back down to the ocean floor. Personally, I think it should have been left there. Taking a piece of the TITANIC, or any other ship, is like taking the smile from the Mona is no longer complete. The wreck site should be left preserved in respect for those who died b/c of the wreck of the TITANIC.

-- Amanda (, August 22, 1998.

Response to part of titanic being raised

The "Big Piece" arrived in Boston yesterday and apparently will be displayed at the RMST exhibit there and then will move on with the exhibit. How they are going to preserve this 20 ton piece and move it around at the same time should be interesting!

Regards, Peter

-- Peter Nivling (, August 23, 1998.

Response to part of titanic being raised

I have no problem with the "big piece" being raised , preserved, and displayed, although I share Peter's skepticism that the latter two can be mutually accomplished. This piece came from the debris field (it was not cut loose from the bow or stern sections) and it is not the personal property of one of the passengers. It might be helpful in evaluating the stresses on Titanic's hull during the sinking and help to finally settle the question of whether the ship broke on the surface as depicted in Cameron's film or imploded below the surface as some now suspect. Finally, if the Mona Lisa were sunk two miles below the surface of the North Atlantic, I would have no problem with it being raised, preserved, and displayed in the Louvre.

-- Dan Dalton (, August 23, 1998.

I think that the bigest pice of the ship Should be raised forpeople to be able to See what the people died for this ship Called the titanic.

-- Jenny Rose Blundell (, October 04, 2004.

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