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Am looking for historical railroad structures in Savannah and Charleston. Plan to visit in September. Am particulalrly interested in C of G in Savannah. Any suggestions?

-- Roy Bower (, August 21, 1998



Savannah has some very historic Central of Georgia Railway structures. The best place to begin is the Savannah History Museum. It is located in the Central's West Broad Street Station. There are some very nice displays in the former train shed area (now enclosed) including a steam locomotive and various CofG memorabilia and photographs. Although owned by a local arts college, the Central's freight house and headquarters building (the grey building) are located across the parking lot from the History Museum. Across Louisville Road is the Historic Railroad Shops. Most of the buildings there date from the 1800s and they have a growing collection of former CofG equipment, included steam and diesel locomotives, and freight and passenger cars. (The October 3rd membership meeting of the CGRHS will be held in the former Tender Shop.) The old Savannah & Atlanta Railway freight station still stands on old Louisville Road about 1/2 mile from the Railroad Shops. Although it's hard to find, the Brinson Railway freight house (a predecessor of the S&A) is still standing. A bridge on US Hwy 80, near the State Farmers Market, gives a great view of Central Junction, where the CofG, S&A, SAL, and ACL mainlines all cross. Hope this helps.

-- Allen Tuten (, August 24, 1998.

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