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Where can I find photographs and information about Broad Street Station in Richmond, VA?

Also, does anyone offer ACL passenger car decals in purple/aluminum in N-scale?


-- Adrian Sherrill (, August 19, 1998


Adrian: Bill Griffin's great book, RICHMOND, FREDERICKSBURG, & POTOMAC RAILROAD---The Capital Cities Route, has a number of photos and info about Broad St Station.. The book has a wonderful painting on the cover with BSS in the background. Greg Hodges Richmond

-- Greg Hodges (, August 20, 1998.

Adrian, Classics Diesels of the South has some very nice shots. Almost all of the diesel era books covering Seaboard, RF&P or Coastline cover this very famous, very beautiful depot. BTW, N-scale is too small for decals, you need an O-gauge...heh, heh! Marc

-- Marc Hamel (, August 19, 1998.

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