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Philip Greenspun has moved the server to a $200,000 SPARC E5000 box at MIT. More importantly, the TitanicShack (tm) Q&A forum is now running off Oracle8 now instead of deadlock-prone Illustra.

Holler if things don't work and I'll fix them.

I did notice that some of the answers in the "Live from Titanic: what did you think of the broadcast?" thread didn't make the move over to the new server; I have about half-a-dozen copies that were emailed to me (automatically by the server), and will be manually posting them later today.

As always, this is your forum, and will remain a free service.

-- Thomas M. Terashima (, August 18, 1998


The move would explain why was down/*very*sluggish yesterday.

Today, the first thing I saw when I got to the top level of the Q&A forum was that the categories listed *all* of the questions (not just the number of questions), so I knew that something was up.

-- Thomas M. Terashima (, August 18, 1998.

Thomas, you're site's a wonder, and thanks for upgrading it. I'm sure I speak for most visitors here (no need for everyone to chime in). As I've said, in good ways and bad, it's a part of my everyday life.

-- BobG (, August 18, 1998.

Hear, hear!

-- Dan Draghici (, August 18, 1998.


I didn't have anything to do with the move, but I am very glad that it happened when it did.

According to the stats for LUSENET, TitanicShack is still number one in usage (followed closely by 'Timebomb 2000').

-- Thomas M. Terashima (, August 23, 1998.

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