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Eye Problem - We are considering buying a Rocky Mountain Horse with an apparent eye problem. In "inspecting" this horse we found that his eyes are fully dilated even in a dark stall and do not close down when a flashlight is shined in his eyes or when he's out in full sunlight. Does this mean he has ASD? There are no obvious cysts (as we've seen in some other Rockies). What problems is this likely to cause? (My suspicion is "night blindness" since his eyes are "wide open" during full sunlight and thus may be less sensitive to light.) He is a gelding about 8 years old. Should we be concerned about his long term vision and in using him for trail riding?

-- Jack McCarron (saddlebums@aol.com), August 16, 1998


eye problem

Hi Jack. Personally, I would be VERY concerned.....'but' (benefit of the doubt here) if you're really serious about this RM horse, I would have him checked out by an ophthalmic vet. Under no circumstances would I recommend buying him without proof of his ASD status or any other health problems

Best of luck.

-- Judy 'Alex' Hart (rr@priement.com), August 26, 1998.

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