What is the Order folder for?

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I just noticed that all the orders are stored in a order folder. What is the point if this? I don't see how the orders are able to be viewed from the smartadmin script or anything else.

-- Matt (matt7200@aol.com), August 16, 1998


Good luck getting an answer here! Ask for some help and forget it. Try and ask how other people enhanced the program or how great their catalog is...and look out, but ask for help...NOTHING!!!

So you are aware, Barry is busy doing whatever he does. What he doesn't do is help. Maybe Barry is busy trying to fix the guestbook?

Sorry, if I knew I would tell you. Barry probably doesn't know either, he is not much of a programmer. Just look at the code.

-- Where is Barry? (no@help.com), August 24, 1998.

I dont know anything about the order folder but I do know that the other guy who replied is a real JERK! this script is FREE buthead. it is a very good script that can be customized and reworked to your liking. just because you cannot get someone to tell you everything without you working on it your self does not make S-Mart bad but what does it say about whiners like you!

-- don (don@pagemasters.hypermart.net), September 03, 1998.

Boy, Don is a real HTML genius. Just check his site out and look at the bad links!!!! http://pagemasters.hypermart.net

Hey Don, what do you know about anything??? You can't even figure out that a link that points to your C: drive can't be seen by the rest of the world. Your site is loaded with bad links. You're the JERK!


I modified the script plenty and never asked for help. I also helped many people on this forum by answering their questions, as well as MANY e-mails (which is why I don't leave my real e-mail anymore, I'll help here only). If you want to put up a free script, be prepared to help, or give it to someone to carry on. Plenty of people would do it. How about you smart ass? How many people have you helped? You are just one of those people that looks at the updates and won't help someone that needs it.

Good luck, you'll need it. By the way, try www.Amazon.com, I think they have a beginners book on HTML.

-- Don Don'tKnow (Who_is_the_idiot@you.com), September 06, 1998.

Well we've seen plenty of critique on the "JERK" but no one answered the question about the Order Folder!

I'm sorry that I haven't figured it out either, but I am working on it.

If anyone has the answer, please email me and the original poster!

-- Bruce S. (bsimon47@ecom.net), November 13, 1999.

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