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I am trying to locate record(s) of my grandfather(s) one or both entering the USA by way of working in the above mentioned program. I would like to receive some history and listing of people entering Texas and duration of time worked for the RR. Please reply ASAP. Thank you.

-- Beatrice T. Cruz-Kirages (, August 15, 1998


I think you may want to ask your question in the Southern Pacific Historical Society's "Newsletter". I suspect your grandparents probably worked for the Southern Pacific or one of its subsidiaries. They can be accessed through the National Model Railroad Association web site under "Historical Societies". Good luck.

-- Jim McGhee (, December 22, 1998.

Hi I'm doing the same as you, since last year and I couldn't find anything yet, all I know (because he still have on hand a membership certificate with no picture on it)that he worked for Brotherhood of Railroad, if you know something about it please let me know and I'll do the same... good luck Thank you

-- Maria Rodriguez (, January 18, 2001.

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