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Hello! Modeling most all the southern area lines -- Seaboard Coast Line, Florida East Coast and Seaboard Air Line. Need info on unit numbers SCL GP9s and list of E7/A E7/B SCL, and Florida East Coast units just to make sure the numbers I have are right. Thank you very much for any help! BF

-- Robert Fish (, August 13, 1998


FEC E7A's were 1006 through 1022 (17 units). E7B's were1052,1053,1054. E9A'a were 1031 through 1035 (5 units). E6B was 1051. According to Seth Bramson's book, Speedway To Sunshine.

-- Jim Coviello (, November 12, 1998.

SAL GP9's were numbered 1900-1979 and SAL E7/A's were numbered 3017- 3048. There were just 3 SAL E7B units 3105-3107.

-- David Lovette (, November 12, 1998.

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