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Islam, I was in a rush when I typed the first message. You can order the books from Magribine Press at 6348 N. Milwaukee, Suite 302 Chicago, Il 60646-3728. I have some Moorish Lit such as the Koran Questionary, the Humanity Book, and Songs of salvation available for $3 each (includes S&H) or $8 for the three. Peace, Ahari El

-- Ahari El (, August 11, 1998


Islam brother Ahari EL, I pray this message finds you well.Recently, i sent a request to the said address,"Magribine Press" with a check enclosed for the three booklet of literature Oral Statements and Prophecies of the Prophet Noble Drew Ali,Songs of Salvation,and the Humanity Book.what is the usualturn around date of a order. Peace

-- Robert L Bey (, May 01, 1999.

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