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Hi, Have just made my first few image transfers... exciting!!! Would like to ask what would be the best/least expensive way to use some of the 35mm prints I have collected in the imaging process? I thought of having them made into slides, is there any other way? Thank you... and happy transferring!! Anne

-- Anne Lane (, August 11, 1998


Thought somebody else would try to answer this. The only alternative that I can think is to photograph your work with a Polaroid camera (I'm not familiar with the cameras). If you own a camera or have a lot of prints that you want to do transfers of, this might be less expensive in the long run.

However, the problem with this is any time you want to make another transfer with this image, you have to re-light it, re-shoot, etc. If you're doing them all at the same time this isn't a problem. But if you're going to want to re-work the image in 6 months...In this case, having the slide made would probably be easier.

-- Stuart Goldstein (, September 06, 1998.

Check out Theresa Airey's book, "Creative Photo Printmaking" (I think that's the right title). There is a section in there on using Polaroid instant slide film to take slides of pictures. It works great and you don't need a lab to process the slides.


-- Gail (, October 06, 1998.

You can also have the 35mm print scanned onto a Zip disk, or CD and then output to slide film. This way allows you to make any color or compositional corrections to the original photo.

-- Leanne Frank (, October 12, 1998.

In the '60s Polaroid made a print copier, for use with cameras such as the 103 (and I'm sure many others) It was nothing but a close up lens and a frame to hold the print at the right distance for making a 1:1 copy. If you use the 3x4 inch pack film, this would be an easy way to make transfers from prints. I have never seen one available used, but I'm sure they don't go for very much money.

-- Bill Collins (, November 04, 1998.

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