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i just found a brownie hawkeye flash model camera in a thrift store the other day. i'd love to take some pics with it but haven't got the foggiest idea of how this camera works. where can i find instructions on how to work it.

liz gres

-- liz gres (, August 09, 1998


Re: Operating a Brownie Hawkeye

Hello Liz,

First, you're going to have to find some film. The Brownie Hawkeye takes 620 film which is no longer produced. However, you can do one of two things: 1) take some 120 film and roll it onto a 620 spool (in a dark room, of course), or 2) take the 120 film and cut the spool down to fit. Then load the film like any other 120 roll film camera.

Second, taking pictures is easy. Look through the viewfinder and click the shutter once. Note everything in the viewfinder will be backwards. The shutter does not have a double exposure protection device, so be careful.

Basically, play with the camera with no film it to get the feel of it. It's very straight forward. That's why Kodak sold a bazillion of them.


-- Larry Haak (, August 18, 1998.

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