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The picture of Seaboard passenger train no.4 on the cover of the 3rdQ 1998 issue of Lines South shows what appears to be two RF&P express boxcars in the consist. RF&P had express box cars nos. 280-288 converted from USRA single-sheathed boxcars. The outside braced wood sides and wood doors are very distinctive for an express boxcar. Does anyone recall if these cars saw regular service on the SAL or ACL, and if so, how they were used. A good picture of these cars would be most welcomed.

-- Jack Wyatt (cjwyatt@wavegate.com), August 07, 1998


19 June CJW:

SAL No. 7 from Savannah AM of December 10, 1964

SAL 3024 REX 6948 Storage Mail - Jax C&O 370 - Storage mail - Jax N&W 1419 - Express - Jax -----> RF&P 287 -Storage Mail - Jax <------ SAL 150 R P O - Jax SOU 104 Baggage - Jax SAL 853 Coach - Jax NH GROVE BEACH Slp - Jax {B-17} SAL 6232 Coach - Jax

That's the only entry I see for the RF&P 280-288 series for Dec. '64 right now.

HWB (ret.)

-- Harry W. Bundy, Jr. (y6b@aol.com), June 20, 1999.

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