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After seeing this site totally devoted to the wonderful man himself, I just wanted to say what a great site it is. I've been a fan of William's for years and had never actually tried searching for info on him on the computer until now. I can't believe the amount of movies he's been in after reading his film bio. I wrote them all down & raided my local video store for copies. I'm dying to see 'Girl In The Cadillac', but it wasn't there! Is that movie available in Australia (as I'm from Australia!). Does anyone know if he's seeing anyone at the moment? A hot looking guy like William probably has a thousand women after him. Well, if anyone would like to email me to talk about William, my address is: Hope to hear from William fans everywhere. Bye!!!

-- Mala (, August 04, 1998


Girl in The Cadillac

You might consider going to the filmography page on this site. There you can rent or buy most of Billy's films including Girl In The Cadillac. I believe accepts iternational orders.


-- Webmaster (, August 07, 1998.

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